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Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Disaster Recovery

Is your business safe?

70% of companies that suffer a serious data loss are out of business within 2 years*

Where does downtime and data loss come from?

  • Natural disasters: 3%**
  • Viruses: 7%**
  • Hardware, software and human error: 90%**
Downtime and Data Loss

Issues with Traditional Backup

Traditional backup methods such as tape, disk or online only have become outdated. Many business owners are finding them unacceptable due to their inability to recover data quickly and mitigate downtime.

  • It can take weeks to recover data after a disaster occurs, IF that data is even recoverable
  • High risk of failure due to heavy manual administration (human error)
  • Difficult to test if backup is working properly
  • High risk of electronic corruption that won't be detected

CTS Technology Solutions protects our clients with the latest advancements in Back Up & Business Continuity

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions ensure data protection, data security, instant recovery, mitigate downtime and ensure continuity.

  • 24x7 monitoring & management of EACH backup with instant alerts and notifications of potential failures
  • Downtime after a disaster is reduced to hours, minutes or even seconds
  • Fully automated backup process
  • Backups are tested EVERY DAY to verify success and ensure restoration capabilities
  • Each image-based backup is automatically saved in multiple locations for redundancy
  • Individual file restoration abilities when a full system restoration is not needed
  • Backup reporting so you can continuously monitor your systems backup status

*DTI/Price Waterhouse
**Costs of Downtime Survey

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