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Q. My phone doesn't go to voicemail any more. It just rings and rings.
A. Call forward was cancelled. Press spkr, 744, dial 1 to set forwarding, then dial the voicemail extension (usually 199), and hang up.

Q. How do I find out what an extension number is?
A. If your phone has a display, the extension number is shown on the left side.

Q. I just moved my phone to a different desk and my buttons don't work any more. Why?
A. Features, speed dials, and buttons are stored in the extension back at the main phone system; not in your phone. You can either reprogram your new phone or call CTS to move your old extension.

Q. How do I transfer a call?
A. While talking with the customer, press transfer key and then the extension number to transfer to, and hang up.

Q. When someone calls me, they can not hear me until I pick up the handset.
A. The mic is turned off. Press the Mic button or Feature and 1. The mic light will come on.

Q. How do I conference a call?
A. With one call in progress, press the Conference key, make the second call and then press the Conference key twice.

Q. How do I set up a one touch button for an extension?
A. First press Help and the button you want to program. If it says NOT DEFINE or DSS/ONE TOUCH the key can be programmed. If not, a CTS specialist must come and program that button for a one touch key. Press Speaker, dial 751, press the button to program, dial 01, dial the extension number you want for one touch key, and press Hold to save. Press speaker to hang up and then test the button.

Q. How do I set up a one touch button for speed dial number?
A. Make sure the button can be programmed by following the steps in the previous answer. Press speaker, dial 751, press the button you wish to program, dial 01, dial 9 and then the number you wish to store on the one touch key, press Hold to save. Press speaker to hang up and then test the button.

Q. How do I change the time?
A. Locate the main attendant's phone by dialing 0 from any phone. The main attendant's phone should ring when 0 is dialed. With the handset in the cradle of the phone, dial the following:

  1. Press the Speaker key
  2. Dial 728
  3. Dial two digits for the hour (24 hour clock, 13 = 1:00 PM)
  4. Dial two digits for the minute (00~59)
  5. Press Speaker to hang up.

The date must be set in system programming by a CTS technician.

Q. How do I get background music to play or turn off at my phone?
A. Leave handset in the cradle and press the speaker key, dial 725 and press the speaker key again.

If you have any questions regarding or need assistance with the above listed steps, call 1-800-443-3068 for service and a customer service representative will assist you. Thank you.

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